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We assist clients to identify and manage risks to their people, assets and investments.

We provide intelligence, risk assessment and consultancy to clients who are mapping their security needs, and directly support the implementation of mitigation solutions. This includes security management, training and crisis response. From our Dubai office we also offer protective services.


      Our security services include:

      • Intelligence
      • Threat assessment
      • Risk analysis
      • Security consultancy and planning
      • Security management
      • Project management
      • Protective measures
      • Security training
      • E-learning
      • Crisis management support


      We are entirely client-focused. We design risk management solutions to enable businesses to achieve their maximum potential in high risk environments or when facing serious security challenges. We protect people, assets and information from a wide range of threats.

      Our team combines in-house ex-UK military operational security expertise, intelligence capability and an international network of associates able to provide information and localised security support. We are particularly expert at managing low profile, local-supported security operations.

      Our clients trust in our ability to deliver security solutions in situations that have the potential to destabilise their investments.


            We operate around the world but have especially developed capability and expertise in the MENA and South Asia regions. We are able to leverage our significant operational experience and excellent contacts to provide localised security solutions.
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Risk Quarterly
Quarterly insight into international intelligence, investigations and security issues
Terrorism Tracker
Monthly review of terrorist attacks, counter terrorism activity and latest threats

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