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Security Intelligence & Political Risk
Security Intelligence & Political Risk

Our Intelligence & Analysis team provides security intelligence and political risk analysis for leading international businesses and organisations to help them understand and manage the risks they face.

Our goal is to help our clients make confident, informed risk management decisions based on timely and actionable reporting. We have over a decade of experience working with corporate security and crisis management teams, in a wide range of sectors, including banking and financial services, oil and gas, extractives and manufacturing, as well as investment and insurance companies.


  • Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS)
  • Bespoke security analysis and threat assessments
  • Political risk assessments
  • Strategic forecasting and intelligence estimates
  • Intelligence consultancy
  • Special intelligence services
  • Terrorism Tracker database
  • WorldAware business travel advice service

Why us?

Our approach

We have established a reputation for integrity, rigour and listening to our clients. We work directly with stakeholders and intelligence customers to understand their businesses and meet their requirements.

Expert team

Our analysts and researchers are both regional and subject-matter experts. They understand ground level security threats and risks as acutely as the over-arching geopolitical forces and systems that shape them.


We use expert human sources to complement open source research, gathering empirical data to assist our clients with decision-making. Using advanced intelligence analysis and assessment methodologies we produce written work that is accessible, objective and unambiguous.

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Risk Quarterly
Quarterly insight into international intelligence, investigations and security issues
Terrorism Tracker
Monthly review of terrorist attacks, counter terrorism activity and latest threats

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