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Corporate Investigations & Disputes
Corporate Investigations & Disputes

Risk Advisory provides assistance with corporate investigations and litigation support to governments, multinationals and multilaterals.  We have worked extensively with in-house investigative teams as well as directly with boards.  We often work under the direction of, and in support of a client’s external legal counsel to design and implement investigative strategies and to obtain evidence.

Our work with law firms adds to their resource and therefore enables them to take on larger assignments or to provide more cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Examples of our work include:

  • Supporting the Bloody Sunday Inquiry to trace witnesses and to engage with them in a positive way to facilitate their participation in the inquiry.
  • Investigating the death of a journalist in Iraq in order to ascertain whether there were lessons which could be learnt from the death.
  • Investigating the death of a politician to ascertain whether the conclusions reached by others about that death were supported by the evidence.
  • Assisting with the investigation of a property fraud where £250 million had been stolen on the basis of fraudulent valuations.
  • Investigating a £100 million procurement fraud practised on a FTSE 100 corporation.
  • Analysing the plaintiff’s evidence in a claim for damages resulting from a failure to secure a contract because of admitted bribery on the part of the defendant.
  • Investigating allegations of bribery in relation to a commodities contract where a $250 million contract was said to have been entered into as a result of a bribe.
  • Many hundreds of asset tracing assignments, both pre and post litigation/arbitration, where the amounts to be identified ranged from millions to hundreds of millions.
  • Other investigative tasks such as identifying and tracing witnesses, interviewing individuals and reviewing documents.


  • We maintain the highest ethical standards in conducting investigations.  We are relied upon by governments, multilaterals and multinationals to support their investigations.
  • Our international reach, language capacity and first hand knowledge of local business practices allows us to work on the largest investigations in the most complex environments.
  • Our business intelligence, political risk and security practices support our investigative efforts. Our fact finding skills enable us to determine the real issues in litigation and where to find the evidence.
  • We have a fundamental understanding of the law, legal process and the rules of evidence.
  • We also have a nuanced and refined understanding of extra legal remedies and have worked with law firms, media consultants and others to achieve the best outcome for our clients.
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