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Integrity Due Diligence
Integrity Due Diligence

Risk Advisory is a leading global provider of integrity due diligence services. We have carried out many thousands of these projects around the world.


    Clients turn to us when they need independent, thorough investigation and analysis of reputational and regulatory risks associated with their business partners. These include:

    • Background checks on third party suppliers, agents or distributors
    • In-depth investigations ahead of mergers, acquisitions and joint venture formation
    • Pre-IPO background checks
    • Research into recipients of proposed equity investments or loans
    • Enhanced due diligence during the client onboarding process

    We work for a wide range of clients: banks, multinational corporations, private equity providers, development finance institutions, law firms. Among these are some who have been the subject of US Department of Justice or Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, as well as those investigated by the UK Serious Fraud Office, Financial Conduct Authority and equivalent national regulators. Many others are seeking to avoid such attention by following official guidance on anti-corruption compliance - for example implementing ‘adequate procedures’ under the UK Bribery Act, or taking the advice contained in the US Government’s ‘Resource Guide to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’.

    By using our online client platform, LUMA, you are assured that our reports are delivered securely, while creating a fully auditable trail to help you comply with the ever-increasing burden of compliance.

    We can also help clients to manage other aspects of their third party review programmes: document review, risk rating, training for in-house due diligence staff, programme audit, advice on technology solutions.


    We have one of the largest, most experienced and best-trained integrity due diligence teams in the world. We have carried out background checks and other investigations in most countries, and work hard to maintain and expand our global reach. We also have industry-leading quality control processes and training programmes to ensure that we maintain the highest possible service standards on all assignments.
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